Vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes

A study published in the Regulatory Edition of Toxicology and Pharmacology found conclusive data that the vapor emitted by e-cigarettes and personal vapor devices is not toxic. In other words, vaping is safe.

Inhaling the vapor emitted by electronic vaping devices was found to be just as harmful to health as is inhaling normal air. The study measured the amount of Harmful and Potentially Harmful Components (HPHC) released by e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, while using normal room air as a control.

The data found that the results obtained from HPHC in electronic cigarettes were similar to the results of the ambient air in the study, otherwise it was found in conventional cigarettes.

Another curious fact that is worth noting is that the study also found that traditional cigarettes contain 1500 times more HPHC than electronic cigarettes.

The eight types of harmful toxins were measured including carbon monoxide and heavy metals. Despite much controversy, the data found on the steam devices is relatively the same with respect to normal air quality.

This study refutes many of the claims made in the California Department of Public Health report on e-cigarettes and vaping, published in 2015.

The report was approved by the director of the department Dr. Ron Chapman and labeling vaping as a “threat to the health of the community” and claimed “electronic cigarettes do not emit a harmless water vapor, by a mixture of toxic chemicals to human cells in aerosol form. ‘ This statement is simply false.

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