Lost Vape Orion Salt Nic Vape

Lost Vape came out with the first DNA salt Nic pod system. At San Diego’s Largest Vape & Smoke Shop ,¬†Vape& Smoke Universe we carry Authentic Orion DNA and Orion Q / Orion Quest Salt Nic vape. The difference between a quality salt Nic device and cheap one is the durability, taste, battery life, and maintenance. Purchasing a counterfeit or fake vape can lead to huge consequences. You should always approach a trusted retailer like Vape & Smoke Universe, where they guarantee authenticity on all items. If a shop has something cheaper or more affordable you should always check the authenticity codes and verify its an authentic item. We highly recommend the Orion Vape because the pods last about 3 weeks in comparison to other salt Nic devices. A honest vape shop like Vape & Smoke Universe is something that is extremely important when purchasing any vape. Not only will you get a better education but you will also get authentic items without the worry of a mod blowing up.

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June 15, 2018

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